Thursday, January 14, 2016

Reflections on a New Year

Today was the first meeting of the year for the Young Emerging Actors Association at ACTRA Toronto.

Sitting in the board room I saw the passion from our members-- the joy of community, of creating art, and of understanding. I also saw the hurt, the rage, and the confusion over the narrow-mindedness of our industry.
I feel, more than ever, that despite competing for jobs, we are family in our craft, and in our dreams for Canadian media. At this crucial time, it's up to us to unite as the salt of change-- as storytellers, actors, and artists. Even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it, I know there are those in power who are advocates for inclusive, fresh voices that reflect the beauty of our nation in all of its diversity. And as the public psyche changes, these advocates will seize the opportunity to help these stories emerge. However, it's up to us, the artists, to create, fight for, and make our projects with the integrity and passion that they deserve-- to create and tell stories worth telling. If my experience with YEAA is any indication, then we are doing just that.
There were so many talented, intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate people in the room today, who have -and continue to demonstrate- the power of collaboration and of creating work that speaks to our genuine experience. I know that one day we're going to look back and know that we as artists each pushed an inch, and together pushed a mile. Thank you ACTRA, YEAA, Diversity Committee, and TAWC for bringing us together, and for proving just how strong we are together.